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Frequently asked questions

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Before you decide to choose using Video Box or Video Brochure, please read this frequently asked questions to know more about these products.



Q: what video format do you require ?

A: Video format should be AVI or MP4


Q: What aspect ratio should the video be supplied in?

A: 4:3 or 16:9


Q: What is the resolution of your screens  ?

A: 1080 full HD


Q: What resolution does your processor chipset support?

A: 720HD & 1080 Full HD


Q: How long is the video you suggest?

A: depens on flash memory space inside video brochure and client needs


Q: What kind of battery do you use and is it safe?

A: Built-in rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery, different capacity for options. Yes, safe with MSDS, and insurance.


Q: How many times can we recharge the battery?

A: more than 500 times


Q: How long will the battery last?

A: more than 2 year for regular use


Q: If you use a glue, what type of glue is used in your product?

A: Industrial Adhesive


Q: How much maximum button you suggest?

A: 6 button


Q: What type of cable is used in your product?

A: Micro USB cable


Q: Can the video file be locked on so it cannot be accessed or deleted?

A: Yes


Q: Can I have a custom Loading screen for before the video’s start playing?

A: Yes


Q: Is this product have guarantee? how long? and can you tell us procedure for claiming guarantee?

A: 1 Year gurantee. if not user demage, we sent free replacement*

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