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Jellyfiss 18 August 2014

Why Video Brochure

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There are thousands of thousands advertising contents going thru, in and out, your memory everyday. You need to find a way how to make your products or services stand out amongst others.


This video will make you realise and understand the importance of using Video Box or Video Brochure in delivering presentation or contents of your business.


Trust, disruptive, experience, service, quality, creativity and flexibility are some of the reason why these two become the first option for your business.


Here are some of the list of common usage of Video Brochure:

Promotion, sales aids, press release, public relation, direct mail, target marketing, luxury invitation, announcement, marketing communication, give aways, showreels, etc.


It’s effective because of:

  • You got both in your hand; digital and physical
  • Will be retained
  • Reusable
  • Attention grabbing
  • Current
  • Memorable
  • Engaging and interactive


  • common uses
    • Promotions
    • Sales Aids
    • Press releases
    • PR
    • Direct mail
    • Target Marketing
    • Brand Identification
    • Luxury invitations
    • Announcements
    • Marketing Communications
    • VIP mailings
    • Direct marketing
    • Give away’s / hand outs
    • Events & exhibitions
    • Promotional brochures
    • Luxury business cards
    • Showreel’s
    • Door opening – getting in front of VIP’s
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